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Salam & hi to all...

I spend my weekend with tonnes of work load... not sewing/craft related... I wish I can go for a vacation (anyone want to sponsor me??? hihihi).. I think it has been quite sometimes since my last vacation and I just can't remember when is the last one... I think it was my Bandung trip...way back in March 2009.. then no more trip...huhuhu, pity me. Oh! there's another trip, a day trip actually accompanied my dear hubby for an interview in Singapore. 

I hope if I could go to have a good retreat for myself, hmmm... a back massage would be nice and comfortable too. Shopping will be a very good therapy as well ^_^... or going to cinema.. I need to do something to release my stress (NO NO to sewing/craft in this kind of mood). 

"Sheila, It's only Monday morning and you are thinking of a holiday again... ? STOP dreaming. Wake up now!"

Ok friends.. till we meet again, have a happy Monday and enjoy whatever you do... and smile always..

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