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Received this stash and a note from Fida... sorry all and especially Fida for my delayed update... Love them all. Honestly this is my first time join this kind of swap and thanks again to Hani who organized it very well... Guess what have I received???

 From left : 1. Patchwork pattern  2. Fat Quater  3. Another Fat Quater 
4. Felt (Red & Brown)  5. Cute Buttons  6. Lovely Ribbons

Our next task is to create a pincushion out of stash that we received and then we need to exchange the pincushion with our partner. This time round, my partner will be Fawa...and me myself will get it from Anjungkraf. Isn't it interesting??? Meeting new friends and make them happy with your gift... I love it!

The due date for to this pincushion swap is on Dec.15... I have approximately 3 days to complete my pincushion out the my stash... oohhh... it just around the corner... hope manage to finish it... Below it the participants for pincushion swap...


Till we meet again next time...

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