10 Sep 2009

Where did we 'all' begin??

This is so interesting... I got this from Daisy Quilts. I can't wait to share my story
**Come and Join me and have your say and lets share our stories!!
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"One of the things I am always most curious about with quilting and especially we quilters is... Where and how did we start quilting? What started us on this wonderful endless journey??" So I got to thinking.... Why don't we share our stories and our first quilts.. Would you be interested in joining me??
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Let's share our stories. **This is for everyone!! Even if you've just begun! ...and don't be shy...we all started somewhere!! See below for details... I hope we have lots and lots of people joining in!!
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Here's how I began ( click to take you to my story)
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To play along follow these steps. 1. Grab the 'Where did we begin button'.. (right click to save) 2. Include the button in a post titled 'Where did we begin' on your blog and tell your 'Where did we Begin' story and share pics of your first quilt / quilts (if you can). **Link your WDWB post back to this specific post on my blog. Do this by highlighting the button and linking (use this URL - http://daisyquilts.blogspot.com/2009/09/where-did-we-all-begin.html) and / OR place a link of your own naming, as well. (How to make a link) You still with me here? Ooh this is exciting!! 3. Once you have saved your post, click on the title of your post and grab the address (URL) in the address bar up top. Copy. 4. Come back to my blog, to this post and sign up to my Mister Linky Widget with your Name and the URL that you have just copied from your site. This means when people click on your name, they will be taken straight to your 'Where did we begin' post. Do this only once per player please. I'm so looking forward to reading your stories and sharing your pics. Let's go right around the world!! I'm so excited!! Will you join me? Let's go!! hugs Robyn xx
I have to digg my old stuff and share with you guys... so stay tune ^_^
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